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Frontiers in Psychology: A Theory of Mental Frameworks

Thank you to Drew Nelson, Kristin Simmers, Cynthia Borja, and our amazing unicorn of a colleague and mentor, Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, for the incredible learning journey of co-authoring this paper!

Our team's theory article was published this summer and is open-access for those who are interested in exploring it. We propose a transdisciplinary theory of mental frameworks for educators that attempts to honor findings from the learning sciences (including mind/psychology, brain/neuroscience, and education), and pulls from other worlds like business and engineering. The paper offers a series of evidence-based ideas for how (and why) to encourage students to cultivate cognitive flexibility and build adaptive tool kits for problem-solving, in and out of school. Please share your perspectives and feedback, and test or challenge the ideas put forth in this article. We would very much appreciate it!

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