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“a mind once stretched by a new idea or understanding will never fully return to its original dimensions....” 

   William James (1842-1910)

neuroflourish aims to support mental health and social-emotional well-being by offering practical brain-based resources and services, because people need access to usable accessible information that is rooted in science.


With a focus on the learning and social sciences, we curate and translate evidence-based ideas and practices and deliver them through four primary channels: a blog, groups, coaching & consulting, and outreach & education. Everything at neuroflourish is designed to support human growth and flourishing. 

We rely on research findings at the intersection of  neuroscience, psychology, health, and education because minds, brains, bodies and environments all influence and change each other--they are intricately related!

Let us support you in your practice of human-ing!



Brain-Based Exploration for Parents and Educators - Join the Discussion!


Group Meetings to Explore our Stories & Embrace our Shared Humanity

coaching & consulting

Coaching to Support Individuals through Life's Personal Growth Edges

 outreach & Education

Resources (Insights & Tools), Workshops, Courses, & Consulting Services  

“Although you might believe that certainty and control over your circumstances brings you pleasure, it is often uncertainty and challenge that actually bring you the most profound and longest-lasting benefits.”

Todd Kashdan