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neuroflourish, LLC is a platform designed to serve mental health and social emotional well-being and to help people learn to Live, Love & Lead with Integrity...or neurflourish! Focused on four primary channels--coaching, groups, a blog, and education, services and resources are evidence-based and draw from the fields of mind (psychology), brain (neuroscience), health, and learning science, in support of human growth and flourishing. neuroflourish aims to address the gap between what is known in academia about human learning and behavior change and what is being operationalized in families, organizations, schools, and communities; to curate and translate the social science into generative and actionable practices. It strives to serve as a trusted, science-based source of information and therapeutic services to help clients cultivate health-promoting and life-giving habits, navigate change, build resilience – and live well.

Danielle Batchelor is a Coach, Researcher and Educator, and the creator of neuroflourish. Click for Danielle's full bio.


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