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Coaching for Health and Social Emotional Well-being


  • The neuroflourish coaching model is based on neuroplasticity: The brain gets good at whatever it does repeatedly—whether healthy or unhealthy—and this happens automatically.

    • Without awareness and in the intensity of our daily lives, we unknowingly train our brains to be efficient at certain things which may be in conflict with our needs, values, or goals

    • We do not intentionally connect our actions and choices (and implicit biases interfere as well).

    • This can create distress or make us feel stuck. 

  • We apply mind, brain, and health science, and information about the context and environment in which you are navigating to support you.

  • Through the coaching relationship, clients work to connect with their autonomous motivation, increase capacities, and leverage strengths and past successes to cultivate new behaviors and mindsets.

  • The process employs excavation, visioning, goal setting, experimentation, and accountability, and facilitates improved self-reflection, creativity, self-awareness, self-compassion, and positivity.

  • Want to understand how therapy and coaching differ? Click here.

Image by Duy Pham

Specialty Coaching Areas Include:

parenting    navigating mental & physical health choices   transitions (e.g., life stage, career)   relationships    neurodiversity (e.g., ADHD)    motherhood    resilience building and coping forward 

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