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Did you know that decades of research tells us that SEL competencies--which are related to emotional intelligence--predict college matriculation, fewer mental health struggles, greater future earnings, and relationship success, and that self-regulation in childhood is more highly correlated to adult success than IQ?

Please enjoy this curated selection of books from the realm of mind, brain, health, and education!

Positive Psychology is the study of how and why certain people flourish, while others languish. Through the study of individuals who "live well", we can learn how to cultivate resilience, cope with stress and adversity, thrive, and "suffer well" when life gets challenging.

Here we share some of our favorite "listen and learn" sessions from Brené Brown, Maya Shankar, Hidden Brain on NPR, and more!

Did you know that your brain is never NOT paying just may not be paying attention to what you want it to notice. Here you will find brain-based information on subjects like attention, memory, bias, heuristics, the mind/brain/body relationship, sleep, and more!

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