“Learning, in the complex sense in which it happens in schools or the real world, is not a rational or disembodied process; neither is it a lonely one.”

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Professor of Education, Psychology & Neuroscience, University of Southern California

Social support can invigorate and sustain us through life's adventure. Joining a group to share your story allows you to learn from and support others. It is a form of self-compassion and shared-humanity that can help you to flourish. Groups are formed around common challenges or growth opportunities and are designed for specific populations of clients (e.g., adult-only, adolescent-only, adult parents of adolescents, etc).

Some groups meet as cohorts for 6-8 weeks and some are ongoing (i.e., you may join at any time). ​

new group:

Connect with other women and explore the flip side of motherhood in Holding Motherhood. Group meets Fridays at 12p Central Time.

Interested in collaborative group work around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace? Visit partner, The Second Story Project.