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 Groups: Supporting Mental Health & Social Emotional Well-Being | Encouraging Human Flourishing| Fostering Connection|
| Integrating Science + Real Life |


“Learning, in the complex sense in which it happens in schools or the real world, is not a rational or disembodied process; neither is it a lonely one.”

Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, Professor of Education, Psychology & Neuroscience, University of Southern California

Social support can invigorate and sustain us through life's adventure. Joining a group to share your story allows you to learn from and support others. It is a form of self-compassion and shared-humanity that can help you to flourish. Groups at neuroflourish™ are designed to encourage improved mental health and social emotional well-being. Each group is formed around a common challenge or growth opportunity and designed for specific client populations (e.g., adult-only, adolescent-only, adult parents of adolescents, moms, etc).

Some groups meet as cohorts for 6-8 weeks and some are ongoing (i.e., you may join at any time). ​


Connect with other women and explore the flip side of motherhood in a Holding Motherhood. Group meets Fridays at 11a central time via Zoom!

*Note: STMES cohorts meet separately 

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