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HOLDING MOTHERHOOD (click to link to Holding Motherhood Site)
A Container to Explore the Flip Side of Being a Mom

Have you ever unleashed a “primal scream” in a moment of overwhelming frustration with motherhood? If so, you probably experienced momentary relief but the complicated feelings likely remained. If you identify with this–literally or figuratively–then some of the following likely also resonates, and we invite you to join our group:

  • I love my children dearly and they make me crazy and stretch me in uncomfortable ways. 

  • I sometimes feel burned out and struggle with patience. 

  • I take care of everyone else, even if I am not taking care of myself.   

  • Motherhood is different than I thought it would be. 

  • I sometimes find myself judging other moms…I also tend to compare myself to them and judge myself in the process.

  • It is important for me to be a better mother than my mom was…or…I will never live up to my own mom’s example.

  • I want someone to share this burden, to take care of me sometimes too.

  • I feel guilty or ashamed that some of this resonates with me.

Maybe we set a perfection trap for ourselves, a space where our desire to do right by our children is met with the reality that we are not entirely in control. There are so many factors at play like nature, nurture, our range of choices, structural limitations (e.g., childcare), and cultural norms. Maybe you have a "village" of support or are sharing the world of parenting with a partner...or maybe you are solo mothering. In reality, mothering can be miraculous and miserable all at the same time. 
With this in mind, we have created an experiential and inclusive space to explore the parts of motherhood that are rarely embraced or even acknowledged. This is not a “how-to”, rather this group is more about showing up as you are. It is about sharing your humanity as we connect around our needs, hopes, frustrations, blind spots, biases, and joys. It is about self-compassion and empowerment, about listening and being heard. If you are intrigued by the idea of a supportive space to explore motherhood and its challenges, please join us!

Group Details

Who:    Moms of toddlers to teenagers 

What:   An experiential-educational-processing-group, an inclusive community of women

Where:  Zoom room (link sent after registration)

When:   Four (4) Fridays,12p - 1:30p, Next cohort convenes November, 2022

Why:    We are Anne Slater and Danielle Batchelor, lifelong friends who were in school together from preschool through12th grade. We call ourselves “sister-friends”, as our friendship has grown through adventures, moves, weddings, professional shifts, and of course----motherhood----for over 40 years. This project grew out of our individual work as a social worker/therapist (Anne) and a coach/educator (Danielle), and is fueled by our personal experiences of being moms...and the yin-yang that is inherently part of motherhood. We are each raising two children, two currently in the early childhood years and two in the teenage years. We saw a need for this type of space so we created it. We hope you will join us.

How Much: $160

About the Facilitators

I am Anne Slater, a social worker, therapist, and group facilitator. I love that I get to collaborate with people to build relationships that are equitable and provide the sense of belonging all humans need. I received my master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of Social Work and completed four years of training in couple and family therapy at The Ackerman Institute for the Family in New York City, one of the premier institutions for family therapy in the United States. My experience ranges from working with adjudicated youth in Brooklyn’s under-served communities to directing clinical services for nonprofits to starting my own therapy practice, first in Brooklyn and now in Houston. Prior to finding my life’s work as a therapist, I worked in public relations and publishing. And in addition to my therapist self I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend.

I am Danielle Batchelor, a mind, brain, and education (MBE) researcher, educator, and coach. I serve on the faculty for The Neuroscience of Learning: An Introduction to Mind, Brain, Health and Education, a course taught at the Harvard University Division of Continuing Education. I also created an online space designed to deliver resources and services that support mental health and social emotional well-being (found at I hold a master’s degree from Harvard, a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, and am a Certified Health and Well-being Coach, with a focus in Lifestyle Medicine. I have two teenage boys and live in Houston, Texas, with my partner (and high-school sweetheart). I am a Co-Director of the Alumni Admission Council (Houston area) for Northwestern University, serve as the VP of Development for Carnegie Vanguard High School PTO, and am a member of the development committee for The Jung Center Houston. I am also certified to register voters in Texas--please vote! 

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