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Can I book a short exploratory session?

Yes. If you would like to explore what coaching is and whether this process would be a good fit for your needs, we can meet for 15 minutes over the phone.

What are your fees?

This is dependent upon the type of coaching (individual or group), length and frequency of sessions, etc. We work to make coaching and groups accessible to most people who want to participate in this type of work.

How long will we work together?

This can vary depending on the circumstances, however, in order to move onward and upward you should commit to a minimum of three months. Ideally, we would work together six to twelve months. Some coaching clients will return from time-to-time to address a specific need.

Do I book online?

Please email your booking request to and I will respond, typically within 24 hours. We work to set group meetings around the schedules of participating members.

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